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Global Impact, the leader in growing global philanthropy, established the Coronavirus Outbreak Fund in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Members of the Global Impact Charity Alliance are responding around the world to the outbreak, addressing critical humanitarian needs.

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Co-Creation is an iterative, equitable process that removes barriers for all actors to meaningfully contribute their knowledge and resources to achieve positive sustainable and scalable solutions
Give Global Blog
Charity of the Week
Now, think about which memories are the most critical or the most life-changing, moments that proved to be essential to survival?
Give Global Blog
Around the world, every minute, charities save lives.
Give Global Blog
Charity of the Week
In December 2019, a new health concern began to spread within the city of Wuhan, China. The coming weeks would see a flu-like infection rippling out from its origin point to sweep through China before
Press Release
Global Impact, a U.S. nonprofit with expertise in brokering corporate-nonprofit partnerships and enhancing employee engagement, has teamed up with Skills4Good, a social purpose organization based in
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Doug Balfour, strategic advisor for Geneva Global, a Global Impact affiliate, explores what it takes to measure impact.



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